"Missing someone you’ll never get back is bizarre. I’d miss Dad so much and then I’d realise there’s no end to that. It’s the most permanent thing that will ever happen in your life."

Here is a break down of the different categories covered in your Airloom profile. 

What we cover

Members can record information and store documentation within their profile and share with others to access when needed.

We make recording and sharing information easy.




Link profiles or share information with family and friends for them to access when needed. 

Store completed documents and information against your profile.

We walk you through the process of creating documents and recordng information. 

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Answer a series of questions

How it works

Upon signing up we'll ask a series of demographic questions so we can tailor the rest of the account to match your needs.

A top level assessment reveals members’ unique priorities which form the basis of personalised checklists of essential tasks based on their situation.

We provide guidance based on each members’ unique circumstances.

We start a dialogue and get everyone on the same page, in agreement of expectations, roles or responsibilities that have been asked of them. We help people open up with firm advice and an eye on what matters; without the sentimentality.

We start the conversation and ask the important questions.

Store your answers against your profile

Your dashboard for life, showcasing your progress under the different categories of advanced planning and what things you should tackle next.

Tick all the boxes

Moving through each category we'll ask you a series of questions to make sure every detail is covered. 

Export a PDF summary

At any stage you can download a pdf summary of your Airloom responses for your own storage and to share with family or friends.

Share your details with family & friends.  

Download a summary of your Airloom responses at any time to store or share with family & friends.

Share your details with family & friends.

Our intuitive process allows people to plan individually or collectively. To help save time and allow members to work at their own pace, shared working documents, allow people to compare results and work on sections simultaneously.

We help you collaborate with others to create documents in real time.

Have a look at the different categories we cover to help you tick all the boxes. 

What we cover


Your stories, memories, reciepes, favourite books, a timeline; all the personal information that matters.

All those important bits and pieces, such as contacts, account information and the wifi details.


Everything to do with your health, contacts, history and preferences.


Looks at everything you need to plan and record from funeral plans to how you'd like to live your later years





Covers your Wil,  power of attorneys and looks into the many important things that a Will may not cover. 

Looks in depth at guardianship for children and also covers pets and aging parents. 

Top level basic and vital information about you and your family. 

A design for life. 

Want to find out more? 

Email us at info@airloom.co for more information

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How it works

Who we are

Want to find out more? 
Email us at info@airloom.co for more information

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