A better way
to make a Will

Airloom is an online tool that helps you create a will, record wishes for your end-of-life and make plans for what you'll leave behind.

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(Launching in mid 2021)

Airloom makes it easy

Simple steps

End-of-life planning is complicated. We break the process down into small manageable pieces and explain things at each and every step.

Free of jargon

A will involves legal language that can get in the way. So we get it out of the way and keep our lawyers behind the scenes. We say it simply so we can make it clear.

Easy to update

Your plans should evolve with you as your life changes. We give you the means to update your wishes, and share them with the important people in your life.

Build your profile

We'll ask you a few simple questions that will help you build a unique profile, so we can tailor the Will kit to your needs.

Answer questions

We'll walk you through the process of creating a Will. We break it down, prompt you with questions and explain things in simple terms. Choose to go slow (more guidance) or power through (more self-serve).

Save and share

With all answers captured and finalised, we'll generate a complete and legally valid digital document which can then be downloaded (and shared with your loved ones, if you wish).

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