Airloom exists to help navigate people through matters of life and death.

The end of our lives is too often filled with forms and formality, and saddled with sadness and sentimentality. For too long we’ve left all the big questions around the end of our lives to fate, to funeral directors, and to estate lawyers. We see a different way. Death should be a discussion everyone can have and a plan everyone can make. We aim to normalise and humanise the conversations and actions that take place around death. To give new life to how we think about, and plan for, the end of our lives.

Where Airloom came from

Often, life's most important lessons are at once terrible and liberating; something Airloom's founder, Sally Coldham, discovered in her honours year of Industrial Design when her Mum passed away. There were so many things her family lost because they didn't know the right questions to ask her. And when they did look to make tough decisions, there was no central place to help them sort through everything. On top of enormous grief, a Pandora's Box of complexity, legal jargon and red tape was opened up for her and her family. Death is so unknown for all of us, and yet, no one’s trying to make it any easier. Consider that while there’s an app for every part of life, death has never been innovated. Why?

With no single place they could turn to for help, Sally began thinking about how she could apply her design expertise to make the process easier, so that no one would have to endure the same experience. This is how Airloom began.

Our supporters


Everyhow is a Melbourne-based strategy consultancy driven by the principle of collaboration. They run 'start-up' and 'level-up' accelerator programs based around a critical and creative thinking toolkit. These help their partners generate great ideas, make better decisions and, ultimately, create more value for their customers, users and stakeholders.


SheStarts is Australia's only venture-backed startup program designed to help female entrepreneurs build big tech businesses. In 2017, Sally was accepted into their highly regarded accelerator program, which gives Airloom access to a global community of tech leaders, experienced entrepreneurs, corporate champions, startup investors, mentors and advisors.

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